Magneta Cushion (Discontinued)

We’ve combined our exclusive DreamCore™ cushions with our new Magneta collection. This union is just like the Magneta visual style itself: sleek, modern, and highly refined. Magneta takes inspiration from the dynamic Streamline Moderne school of design, which originally emerged as an international evolution of French Art Deco. This makes our Magneta cushion collection not just contemporary, but also cosmopolitan.

In addition to its visual appeal, our DreamCore™ cushions are designed to both deliver strong weather resistance and a luxurious seating experience. This means Magneta cushion performs excellently in a wide variety of climates.
Magneta Cushion (Discontinued)
Magneta Cushion (Discontinued)

Items in this collection

Chat Chair (Discontinued)
Swivel Rocker Chat Chair (Discontinued)
Loveseat (Discontinued)
Sofa (Discontinued)

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