Sutton features a geometric frame design, contrasted with our gently curving sling seating for some visual intrigue. This pairing makes the collection perfect for giving outdoor spaces a refined, but energizing, aesthetic. Sutton is another stylish addition to our “Designed with Weight” collections, which are ideal for windy conditions. We construct this collection with custom aluminum extrusions for the arms and base, and powder-coated solid steel crossbars and internal side rails for added stability.

These design choices make Sutton an ideal choice for environments with even the most unpredictable climate. At Homecrest, we believe that style and function should go hand in hand. We make our products work for homeowners and designers alike.

Items in this collection

Low Back Dining Chair
Low Back Swivel Rocker
High Back Dining Chair
High Back Swivel Rocker
Swivel Rocker Balcony Stool

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