Arbor Umbrellas (Discontinued)

(Outdoor Essentials)
Umbrellas are the cherry on top of a perfect outdoor space. They ensure that relaxation is just around the corner. Our Arbor umbrellas especially are perfect for delivering supreme style and shade.

Arbor offers maximum shade and weather resistance for outdoor spaces. Its 9 oz. marine-grade acrylic canopy is supported by reinforced extruded aluminum ribs that connect to a 4” mast. It also has a commercial-grade telescoping mechanism that allows for easy opening and closing without having to rearrange furniture underneath. In addition, most umbrellas of this size are required to be permanently installed, but Arbor is designed with semi-permanent and non-permanent mount options. Every detail of this umbrella ensures Arbor will withstand the toughest weather conditions and offer discerning homeowners and designers the most flexibility:

• Top mast portion rises automatically while umbrella is telescoping closed, keeping it out of the way
• Easy installation with a hinged spigot mount, allowing attachment on its side before being raised to upright position
• 4” diameter aluminum center pole with four internal strength channels and extruded aluminum ribs for support
• Reinforced grommets and woven nylon wrap prevent fabric tearing from frame.
• Withstands 50-60mph wind
• Maintenance-free stainless steel hardware
Arbor Umbrellas (Discontinued)
Arbor Umbrellas (Discontinued)
Arbor Umbrellas (Discontinued)
Arbor Umbrellas (Discontinued)

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