Havenhill (Discontinued)

Our Havenhill collection calls to mind the opulence of Art Deco style with its subtly fanned high seat back and carefully curved arms. The collection is sure to bring a timeless beauty and carefree attitude to any outdoor space. In addition, the fanned back is our patented Butterfly Basket, which is contoured to provide generous back support and comfort.

These traits combine to ensure Havenhill seating will bring a sumptuous and sophisticated seating experience to homeowners and contract/hospitality environments alike. The collection comes in dining chair and barstool designs, in addition to various lounge seating designs. This makes it well suited for homeowners who value versatility, as well as blended cosmopolitan environments where a single establishment may have both fine dining, outdoor, and fireside lounging.
Havenhill (Discontinued)
Havenhill (Discontinued)

Items in this collection

Dining Chair (Discontinued)
Swivel Rocker (Discontinued)
Swivel Rocker Balcony Stool (Discontinued)
Swivel Bar Stool (Discontinued)
Adjustable Chaise (Discontinued)

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