Havenhill Cushion (Discontinued)

Havenhill cushion adapts the Art Deco curves of our classic Havenhill collection into a sumptuous seating experience. In this collection, homeowners and patrons can enjoy a high level of relaxation from our extremely comfortable cushions. Meanwhile, the distinct flared curves of the Butterfly Basket that features in our Havenhill collection make their home in Havenhill cushion through the accent backing frame and arms.

Because of how it evokes the school of Art Deco design, Havenhill cushion is a prime collection for environments where homeowners and designers want a vintage twist while still delivering the feel of opulence and sophistication.
Havenhill Cushion (Discontinued)
Havenhill Cushion (Discontinued)

Items in this collection

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Swivel Rocker Chat Chair (Discontinued)
Loveseat (Discontinued)
Sofa (Discontinued)
Ottoman (Discontinued)

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