Grace Modular

Create the ultimate retreat with the fresh, open style of our Grace modular collection. Grace modular offers a wide selection of freestanding, modular units in different orientations and sizes. Because of this, it can be scaled to unique spaces, with pieces able to freely move and suit the needs of the space moment to moment. In this way, Grace modular, with its UltraCore™ cushions, will make any outdoor space attractive and inviting.

Grace modular is perfect for homeowners and designers who pay attention to detail, as different complementary fabrics can be chosen for the back upholstery and seating fabrics. In addition, its modular design means homeowners and designers can arrange the collection to fit any outdoor space’s needs.
Grace Modular
Grace Modular
Grace Modular

Items in this collection

Armless Chat Chair
Left Arm Chat Chair
Right Arm Chat Chair
Armless Club Chair
Left Arm Club Chair
Right Arm Club Chair
Armless Loveseat
Left Arm Loveseat
Right Arm Loveseat
Armless Sofa
Left Arm Sofa
Right Arm Sofa
Arm Pillow

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