Soren Umbrellas (Discontinued)

(Outdoor Essentials)
We want to offer homeowners and designers as much flexibility as possible so that they can achieve their vision. In addition to offering products with a wide selection of visual styles, this also means making sure our products come with features that lend themselves to creativity. This is where our Soren umbrella comes in.

This umbrella provides the most shade flexibility of any umbrella on the market with its 360-degree rotation and tilt system. Combined with its size, strength, and ease of use, Soren umbrellas are well suited to any outdoor space, but especially ones with specific shape, lighting, or rearranging requirements. Some prime features of Soren include:

• Maximum shade, regardless of sun position, due to 360 rotation and tilt system
• Permanent and semi-permanent mounting options available, installable on any surface
• Maintenance-free stainless steel hardware
• Commercial-grade crank lift for smooth operation
• Extruded aluminum mast and critical joints
• Withstands 35mph winds on its own, 40 mph winds with stabilizer kit
Soren Umbrellas (Discontinued)
Soren Umbrellas (Discontinued)
Soren Umbrellas (Discontinued)
Soren Umbrellas (Discontinued)

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