Grace Air

Grace air builds upon the fresh and open style of our classic Grace collection, while adding a lavish new seating option. This collection features the comfort of deep cushion seating in a foam-free, cushionless construction. Thanks to our sensation sling fabric and empty box cushion design, Grace air has the full comfort of a typical cushion with a low-maintenance, quick-drying twist.

Like Grace before it, Grace air’s light and fresh visual style lends itself to a wide variety of design aesthetics. But, because of its seating design, it performs especially well in climates with even the most intense rainfall.
Grace Air
Grace Air

Items in this collection

Armless Chat Chair
Chat Chair
Swivel Chat Chair
Left Arm Chat Chair
Right Arm Chat Chair
Armless Loveseat
Left Arm Loveseat
Right Arm Loveseat
Armless Sofa
Left Arm Sofa
Right Arm Sofa
35.5" x 23" Mode Table/Corner Unit
37.5" x 24" Stonegate Table/Corner Unit

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