Infiniti is designed for ease of use in any space: at work or at play. Its flowing silhouette maximizes the surface area of our Sensation sling fabric while still maintaining sleek visuals. In addition, because of the elastomeric stretch of our Sensation fabric, Infiniti provides an exceptionally comfortable sit without any of the maintenance that is required by traditional cushions. This beautiful collection is sure to transform any outdoor space to become more attractive and inviting.

Paired with its intelligently designed side, coffee, and corner table companion pieces, our armless Infiniti chat chairs are ideal for energizing homeowners’ existing outdoor setups, as well as otherwise standard waiting rooms.

Items in this collection

Armless Chat Chair
Armless Chaise
12" x 35" End Table
28" x 44" Coffee Table
34" x 23.5" Corner Unit
Adjustable Chaise
Adjustable Chaise (with Wheels)

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