Triumph Umbrellas

(Outdoor Essentials)
Triumph is the flagship center post umbrella for all luxury resorts, hotels, and high-end outdoor living spaces. Built with durable, commercial-quality materials, the Triumph giant umbrella offers free-standing maximum shade options on a larger 2" center post. It has three canopy size options to accommodate any outdoor space.

• Smooth and effortless kernmantle rope double pulley system
• A 2” diameter, 3.2 mm thick single-piece aluminum center pole provides incredible strength and durability
• Ergonomically designed, 3/4" diameter fiberglass ribs maintain shape and provide added strength
• High impact polymer joints help create a durable canopy frame
• Engineered to withstand 35 MPH sustained winds
• Mounting options include permanent, semi-permanent, and freestanding bases for installation on any surface
• Stainless steel hardware throughout
Triumph Umbrellas
Triumph Umbrellas
Triumph Umbrellas

Items in this collection

13' Giant Pulley Lift Umbrella
10' Giant Pulley Lift Umbrella
8.5' x 11' Giant Pulley Lift Umbrella
Heavy-Duty Wheel Base
Stackable Steel Plate Base
Stackable Steel Plate Base
Premium Aluminum Base with Wheels
Direct Mount Stem

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