Allure Modular

Allure modular combines high comfort with a visual style that evokes the design sensibility of iconic American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. This collection features sumptuous, UltraCore™ cushions in its pleasingly-balanced frame. Most notably, its modular design allows for creating countless seating configurations; Allure modular is adaptable to any space’s layout.

The comfortable cushions and versatility for creating new seating shapes make Allure modular well suited for homeowners with a discerning eye for design, as well as environments where relaxation is the goal (hotels, fireside lounges, senior living homes, and more).
Allure Modular
Allure Modular
Allure Modular

Items in this collection

Armless Club Chair
Club Chair
Left or Right Arm Club Chair
Left Arm Pillow
Right Arm Pillow

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