Maddox (Discontinued)

(HDPE | Aluminum)
Modern lines pair with teak-inspired construction for relaxed, yet sophisticated outdoor living with our Maddox collection. Our Maddox benches are constructed with HDPE material and build on the natural beauty of plantation-grown teak, with wide slates and a defined silhouette. It is an extremely versatile collection that would look attractive in nearly any outdoor space. Further, our Maddox benches coordinate with our Maddox table line to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Maddox allows for a high level of customization, with multiple care bench styles, seat colors, and frame finishes. This collection lends itself to homeowners with a discerning design palate, as well to cafés, resorts, public spaces, and more.
Maddox (Discontinued)

Items in this collection

22" x 40" Café Bench
22" x 40" Café Bench
22" x 64" Café Bench
22" x 64" Café Bench
44" x 48" Café Table
44" x 72" Café Table
44" x 96" Café Table

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