Emory (Discontinued)

Artisanal styling meets rugged outdoor construction in our Emory collection. It features old-world scrolled solid aluminum detailing in the arms; this is both visually engaging and remarkably comfortable. Available in both dining and balcony heights, Emory offers a touch of vintage Tuscan sensibility to modern outdoor seating aesthetics. With this collection, sitters will be whisked away to a golden, romantic summer along the Italian coast.

Our Emory collection’s rich visual style and relaxed seating experience make it well-suited to environments that would benefit from a touch of comfort. Homeowners with a sophisticated design palate, as well as fine dining establishments, fireside lounges, rustic hotel resorts, and senior living environments pair well with Emory.
Emory (Discontinued)
Emory (Discontinued)
Emory (Discontinued)

Items in this collection

High Back Dining Chair (Discontinued)
High Back Swivel Rocker (Discontinued)
Swivel Rocker Balcony Stool (Discontinued)
Adjustable Chaise (Discontinued)

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