Allure Mesh

Our Allure mesh collection is a supremely durable iteration of the original Allure collection’s clean visual style. It offers a minimalist visual style that will bring sophistication to any outdoor space. This mesh collection is built for superior weather resistance: it delivers in coastal, humid, and arid climates, as well as anywhere in between.

Allure mesh is well suited for homeowners with a discerning eye for design, as well as applications that have a high level of use, such as public spaces, dining locations, and poolside environments.
Allure Mesh
Allure Mesh
Allure Mesh

Items in this collection

Armless Café Chair
Armless Café Chair (Stackable)
Café Chair
Café Chair (Stackable)
Armless Balcony Stool
Balcony Stool
Armless Bar Stool
Bar Stool
Armless Adjustable Chaise (with Wheels) (Stackable)
Armless Adjustable Chaise (Stackable)
Wind Kit Set