The Elevate sling collection shows that elegance and strength can go hand in hand. It’s the perfect collection to show a refined sense of style. And, contrary to its airy appearance, our Elevate collection is exceptionally strong and functional. These sturdy pieces, created with solid aluminum frames, offer tremendous resistance to wind, salt, sun, and snow. This makes this seating ideal for environments with unpredictable weather or locations such as balconies and terraces where strong wind resistance is crucial.

With its smart minimalist visual design, both armed and armless seating styles are stackable. This makes the Elevate collection ideal for homeowners who value smart design, as well as hospitality environments, workplaces, and more. Elevate is also one of our Designed with Weight collections, which makes it an excellent choice for windy conditions.

Items in this collection

Armless Café Chair (Stackable)
Café Chair (Stackable)
Armless Balcony Stool
Balcony Stool
Armless Bar Stool
Bar Stool

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