Slate Fire Tables

(Natural Series)
Slate: a simple enough rock at first glance, but one that has a subtle beauty. Formed in convergent tectonic plate boundaries under heat and pressure, slate shows the world its worth with its fine, flowing lines and sparkling flecks of mica. For outdoor spaces where homeowners and designers want to exude a subtle, refined beauty, our Slate fire tables are a clear choice.

Our Slate fire tables extend the comfortability of outdoor spaces by several months in the late Fall and early Spring.

Fire table features:
• Powerful, up to 65,000 BTU burner
• Removable security key valve
• Natural gas and liquid propane compatible
• Hidden LP tank mount
• ¾ in. aluminum fire burner riser
• Fire jewelry customization
Slate Fire Tables
Slate Fire Tables
Slate Fire Tables
Slate Fire Tables
Slate Fire Tables
Slate Fire Tables

Items in this collection

42" Lounge Fire Table
32" x 52" Lounge Fire Table
36" x 60" Lounge Fire Pit
42" Lounge Fire Table
48" Lounge Fire Table
42" Dining Fire Table
48" Dining Fire Table
42" Balcony Fire Table
48" Balcony Fire Table

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