Elevate Mesh

Our Elevate mesh collection builds upon the superb functionality of our Elevate collection, without sacrificing the visual appeal of its original frame design. Still and always, this collection is elegant, light, and graceful. Elevate mesh truly elevates the standard expected for outdoor furniture.

This collection is constructed from solid aluminum for exceptional wind resistance and quick drying. In addition, all seating styles are stackable. These features allow the Elevate mesh collection to adapt to a wide variety of homeowner needs, as well as commercial contexts and climates. Elevate mesh is also one of our Designed with Weight collections, which means it stands up against even the strongest winds.
Elevate Mesh
Elevate Mesh
Elevate Mesh

Items in this collection

Armless Café Chair (Stackable)
Café Chair (Stackable)
Armless Balcony Stool
Balcony Stool
Armless Bar Stool
Bar Stool

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