Sutton Cushion

Plush, all-weather cushions, plus strong frame lines created by durable aluminum are just the beginning of what makes Homecrest’s Sutton cushion collection a prime choice for discerning homeowners and designers. Creating an outdoor space with a sophisticated aesthetic is easy with Sutton cushion’s bold shapes; its gently sloping backs promote and exclusive Luxe Outdoor™ cushions promote restful lounging, while striking a modern pose with its visual style. This collection is sure to make any outdoor space feel inviting.

We offer Sutton cushion in multiple chat chair seating styles, in addition to loveseats and sofas. This collection is well suited for homeowners looking create a relaxing setting, as well as for casual commercial contexts, such as fireside lounges, resorts, or relaxation areas in corporate settings.
Sutton Cushion
Sutton Cushion
Sutton Cushion
Sutton Cushion
Sutton Cushion

Items in this collection

Chat Chair
Swivel Rocker Chat Chair
High Back Chat Chair
High Back Swivel Rocker Chat Chair

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